Discovery is the first step in becoming a Partner at RADIUS Church. Covenant Partnership is RADIUS’ version of membership. Since our beginning we have stayed away from using the term ‘member’ simply because it elicits the idea that when you become a member, you become a recipient of certain services. ‘Partner’ on the other hand, promotes the idea of joining together – in this case, joining together to make Jesus famous in our community and around the world.

Covenant Partnership extends that idea a bit further. A covenant partnership allows those who call RADIUS Church their home to ‘covenant’ together to pursue the mission and vision of our church. The Old Testament idea of ‘bonding; or a binding agreement between two parties’ is helpful in deepening our understanding. In short, covenant partners at RADIUS Church have decided to come together to pursue Jesus and push forward the mission of RADIUS Church to make Jesus famous in our community. Likewise, the elders of RADIUS Church have agreed to take spiritual responsibility for those who have partnered with our body.

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The Process

We handle partnership like we handle lots of things around RADIUS – very relationally. We believe that partnering with a local body of believers is important for several reasons. First and foremost it allows us to know others and to be known by others in community. Secondly, joining a local church family allows you to have a voice in ‘family decisions’. Finally, entering into a covenant partnership with a local church allows the leadership of the church to “know the status of the flock” (Proverbs 27:23).  We’ve developed this page to help you navigate the process that we use at RADIUS Church.

1. Attend Discovery

We want you to get to know us. In an effort to do that, we hold “Discovery” classes regularly at each of our churches. This is a one-hour, informal opportunity for us to tell you the story of RADIUS Church. We’ll tell you the history of RADIUS, a little about how we are structured and led, where we believe God is leading us, and give you the opportunity to ask questions of some of our staff.

2. Tell Us Your Story

Everyone has a story. Everyone’s story is important to God. We believe that everyone’s story has power too. After attending Discovery, if you decide that you’d like to partner with RADIUS Church, we ask you to tell us your story. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do this publicly. Instead we ask you to fill out a short form expressing how you came to meet Jesus, what your past church experiences have been, and how God is working in your life currently.  Sharing your story is a great way to tell of God’s activity and goodness in your life. We’ve even developed a short form that will help guide you in writing out your story so that you can become a powerful storyteller of God’s activity.

3. Attend a ‘Partner’ Class

A big part of coming together in community is getting to know others and letting them get to know you. In our Partner Class, you’ll share a meal with some of our current partners, have an opportunity to ask them questions about their personal experiences at RADIUS, but also get to hear stories of other folks like you who are considering covenant partnership.

4. Sign A Partner Covenant

We hope that after getting to know some folks, reviewing and agreeing with our covenant, and having your questions answered, you’ll decide to partner with us. When you’ve decided that you to want partner, we ask you to sign the covenant and then turn it in. You’ll have an opportunity to do this at the Partner Class, but are welcome to take it home and review it if you need. We’ve included a sample copy below for you to review as well.

Sample Covenant

5. Join A Serve Team (optional)

We would love it if all of our partners would find an opportunity to serve within a Serve Team. These teams are what make our Sunday morning experiences a great place to be for our fellow partners and guests. The opportunities range from Parking to RADIUS Kids, from Production to Security.

Serve Teams

6. Get Into A Community Group

Every Spring and Fall, RADIUS Partners lead and host Community Groups. These are places where we learn and grow together.

Groups at RADIUS