Halloween Block Party

Halloween Block Party

In years past, we’ve celebrated Halloween by throwing a big Trunk-or-Treat party in the parking lot.  You showed-off your creativity by decorating your car trunk, someone was crowned as Best-In-Show, and we all had a great time having fun together.  This year, instead of having just one party on our church campus, we’re having dozens of parties throughout our community!  We’re calling this night the Halloween Block Party.

Obviously, some things will be different: we won’t all marvel together at a car trunk done-up like a toilet bowl and we can’t feed other family’s children too much candy.

Other things will stay the same: we’ll get to have fun with friends while dressing up, wondering whose costume is the most realistic.

Doing it this way gives us a great opportunity for Engagement.  By doing many Halloween Block Parties, we are empowering you to engage your local radius by hosting a party with friends from your small group, in your own neighborhood, truly capitalizing on your own creativity!  This allows you to engage people that you see weekly and want to get to know better.  People that you want to share Jesus’ love with.  People that you know need time to just have fun and relax.

So, how this will this work:

  • When: Friday October 30, or Saturday October 31
  • Where: your front lawn, or someone’s from your small group
  • How: we’ve made yard signs and Block Party In A Box’s to equip you
  • Who: you and your small group!
  • Why: so that you can engage your local radius with a party
  • What you need to do: use THIS LINK to register for Halloween Block Party.  That way we can know which communities are being engaged and how we can best empower you to own your radius with a homegrown block party
  • What if money is an obstacle?  If you want to throw a block party but money is holding you back, let us know and we will work to remove that obstacle for you

Because we want to empower you to throw the best party you can think of, we’ll try to pay for and to deliver an inflatable game, a dunking booth, or even a video game trailer.  Just use THIS LINK to register for Halloween Block Party and select which you’d be interested in.

We’re excited to see how you personally own Halloween night with your own Block Party! Also, we’ll have a team traveling around to visit all of the block parties and see who has the best ideas.  There will still be a prize for best block party!


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