Groups Sign-up

Groups Sign-up

RADIUS Community Groups are communities of people throughout our town committed to Jesus, each other, and mission. We don’t grow alone, and we shouldn’t go it alone. Together we are united by the Gospel, moving toward Jesus in intimacy and with Him as we love and serve those in our spheres of influence.

In Community Groups, we prioritize space in our lives to know and be known by others as we pursue Christ together. Each week hundreds of men and women gather in dozens of groups throughout our area to connect, discover God’s word, and apply what they are learning.

Discovery Bible Study

For our Community Groups beginning in January 2020, we will be continue to use the Discovery Bible Study method to discover together the entire story of God’s plan of redemption as revealed in His living word. The Spring 2020 Groups will pick-up the DBS process in the New Testament so that all of our groups can study the same passages together. Discovery Bible Study breaks the entire teaching of the Bible down into 28 lessons and helps us anchor ourselves in the Bible across all our congregations. Built into the DBS method are application of God’s word, accountability, friendship, and mission. For more information on Discovery Bible, check out their website:

Discovery Bible Study

Getting Started

Registration for our Spring 2020 Groups Sign-ups has closed. You can email the Groups Team from the respective campuses using the buttons below to get connected with a group.



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