Weekly Resources

Weekly Resources

Welcome Parents!

In this very unsettling time, we want to make sure we are able to resource you with some materials that will help you disciple your children while you are at home. Each week we’ll update this page with new video content for Preschool and Elementary, some worksheets for your kiddos, and a set of questions you can ask as you endeavor to pour into your kids with the hope and love of Jesus. Check back each Friday for the next lesson.

Weekly Instructions

1. Watch the video(s) for this week (listed below) with your kiddos.
2. Read the Bible story each week. The reference is given in each week’s post.
3. Use the Discussion Questions within each post to start conversations with your kids about the lesson.

This Week’s Post

This Week

RADIUS Kids April 5, 2020

April 5, 2020 Lesson RADIUS KIDS Activity Sheet: Preschool Activity Sheet: Younger Elementary Activity Sheet: Older Elementary BIG PICTURE QUESTION This week as we prepare to…