It’s in our name. Radius. We are called to love right where we live – following Jesus’ command to love our neighbors.  What would it look like if every RADIUS Church family started building relationships with those right outside their door?  This Summer, RADIUS Church has one job – to Love Where We Live. Throughout June and July, we’ll share ideas with you to help you get to know your neighbor’s name, serve them and pray for them.  We’ll cap off the Summer with a goal to cover The Midlands with neighborly love by hosting block parties the last week of July in as many backyards as possible.  Jump on board and claim your street below.  You will receive ideas, special neighboring videos, and stories leading up to the big week! Let’s all work together so that we can lift up the name of Jesus and show the world His love.

Let’s Reach 100 Backyard parties together!

Backyard Party Count



Step 1

Claim Your Street

Click HERE to claim your street and let us know about your backyard party!

Step 2

Meet Your Neighbors

Hang out in your front yard, walk your dog, take a slow walk around your neighborhood, deliver some cookies.  How do you get to know your neighbors?  Tell us HERE.

Step 3

Pray for Your Neighbors

Go to God on behalf of those that live around you.  The people around us will know us by our love, and that love starts with talking to God about them.

Step 4

Plan Your Party / Invite

This can be super easy!  Popsicles on the driveway, ice-cream on the front porch, or a BBQ in the backyard…invite your neighbors and have fun!


Block Party!

July 25 is the big week for backyard parties!  Tell us how it went HERE! We can’t wait to hear about it!

What's Next?

Keeping the conversation going!

God placed you where you live to love the people around you.  Your “Backyard Party” is just the beginning!  Make it a habit to keep your eyes up and move towards people in your neighborhood.  

5 Ways to Ignore People

5 Ways to Ignore People

It’s been a difficult week for me. I am a bonafide Ignorer by nature, and in the past seven days I have had numerous attacks on my personal space and seclusion. People who want to, like, wave, and talk, and hang out. At the ballgame, on my neighborhood walk, at my...

12.5 Backyard Party Ideas

12.5 Backyard Party Ideas

Some people aren’t great at the whole creativity thing. Others are good at it, they just don’t feel like being good at it because it takes so much work. Either way, we figured we’d help you out by listing 12½ ideas you can use for your own, unique, totally original...

Share your neighboring ideas with us!