RADIUS believes that the local church should extend its reach far beyond its borders of race, nation and language.  We currently partner with Christian missions in the mountainous region of Vera Cruz, Mexico, Dr. Stephen Joseph’s church-planting initiatives in India and with Hydromissions International in countries all over the world.  Locally, we also partner with Ezekiel Ministries in helping change the course of children’s lives in Columbia, SC. Each year we take teams to serve these ministries by doing things like evangelism, medical care, sports ministry and building clean water wells. If you are interested in serving with RADIUS or one of our missional partners, please contact Ryan Allred.

We’ve partnered with Pastor Jose “Pepe” Barrios in Mexico. Pastor Pepe leads a church where he lives in Rio Blanco. He also has built a team of missionaries that work in the mountains, sharing Jesus with the Nahuatl people, commonly known as the Aztecs. These missionaries travel each day into the mountains to share Jesus with the locals and to disciple those who already follow Jesus. The days are long and tiring as many people are in pretty remote locations. We partner by sending quarterly financial support and by sending teams there periodically. Our partnership helps equip Pastor Pepe to continue his missionary work with the Nahuatl (pronounced ‘Now-watt’) people and by putting boots on the ground, we help multiply the influence they have in the mountains.

Our partnership in India is with Pastor Stephen Joseph.  Pastor Stephen is using his resources to equip local believers to be priests by building a school. This is a huge undertaking and has been met with some resistance by the Indian government. But Pastor Stephen is bold and willing to take a risk for the Gospel. The focus of the school will be quality education that comprises mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of each child. In addition to this he also runs a seminary through his home, where local pastors are trained and then sent out to their towns to make disciples. You can pray for Pastor Stephen and his team as they work to continue building out St. Paul’s Missionary School to accommodate through 5th grade this year.

Locally we partner with Ezekiel Ministries. Ezekiel is located in downtown Columbia, SC and exists to share the love and truth of Jesus to families in inner-city Columbia. They do this by providing tangible help in the areas of education and family literacy. They run two main programs: an after-school program and a mentoring program for under-resourced children in Downtown Columbia, SC. Long term they strive to strengthen the family structure and help families break the cycle of generational poverty. They focus primarily on academics, character development, spiritual wellness, and teamwork. You can check them out online at http://ezeministries.org

We are proud to partner with Hydromissions International to provide clean water wells for drinking and sanitation all over the globe. Hydromissions’ goal is to further the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide by providing safe water through low-tech and/or technologically appropriate products and services. Our partnership is all-inclusive as RADIUS has the privilege to support Hydromissons financially as well as send folks to serve overseas on various trips throughout the year. If you would like to know more about Hydromissions, you can follow their blog or visit them on their website (hydromissions.org).