Traci Yonce

Traci Yonce

About me:

I was born and raised in West Columbia. I attended Columbia College where I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Early Childhood Education and Divergent Learning. Following graduation, I married the man who stole my heart in high school. Jimmy and I have 4 kids, two of which were born at the same time (Addison, Landon, Lyla, and Ava). We enjoy doing life together as a family. We love hanging out in the yard enjoying simple moments, having dance parties in the kitchen, and enjoying some friendly family competition through a good ole fashioned game of UNO.

Why I love my job:

I have a passion for working with kids.  I love planting seeds that will hopefully lead kids to finding indestructible joy in Jesus Christ. I also enjoy working with leaders as we strive to build relationships and connect with children and families. I love being a part of a team that works together on a common vision- to create disciples.

Contact me for:

RADIUS Kids Questions at RADIUS Centerville

RADIUS Students Leader - Centerville
Jesse Harmon
Pastor - RADIUS Centerville
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