proTECHtion – Is it really necessary?

Why does protection matter? Why bother with internet filters, router passwords, and smartphone safeguards? The answer lies in our tech-saturated world. With over 42,000 adult websites available online, the discussion has shifted from if our children will see pornography to when they will first be exposed. Tragically, most children are exposed to pornography at age 11 while doing homework; even more alarming, a 2013 study has shown that a growing number of children have accidentally viewed pornography by age 10. ProTECHtion is essential to teaching our children not only about the dangers of pornography but about God’s design and plan for healthy sex in marriage.

Here’s Todd Carnes with more on why proTECHtion matters:

Why We’re Here

We are here to help you protect you family and fight against shameful practices. On this website you will find a number of different resources for you from “How-to” tutorial videos to additional reading material, counseling guides, teacher testimonies, and a list of top internet filters you might consider for your family. Questions? Email us at for any extra help you need.