Kids at Rocky Creek

Kids at Rocky Creek

In RADIUS Kids, we want kids to know God’s story, make friends, and have fun. We want RADIUS Kids to be a safe place that encourages fun, friendships, and discovering more about God in an age-appropriate way. Our awesome team of trained leaders works hard to ensure that your kids will love coming to church!

You will start by checking your family into our computerized database to help ensure the safety of your kids. One of our team members will walk you to your child’s group where you will meet their amazing group leader. All of our RADIUS Kids volunteers are background checked and trained to guarantee your child has the safest and best experience possible.

Your First Visit

If you are planning to attend RADIUS Church – Rocky Creek this weekend, be sure to stop by the Kids Check-in table (to the right when you come in the front door of Rocky Creek Elementary School) and see a friendly volunteer to help you get your child(ren) checked-in.

We divide our ministry into three areas so that we can engage your child at his or her level: RADIUS Kids Nursery (6 weeks – 2 years), RADIUS Kids Preschool (Ages 2K – 4K) and RADIUS Kids Elementary (Kindergarten – 5th grade).


Babies and Toddlers are very important to us. If your child is under the age of two, they will receive excellent care in our nursery area. In a room equipped with fun, age-appropriate toys and equipment, your child will have the opportunity to play, engage with other children, and experience the love of Jesus through our volunteers. Our primary goal is to meet your child’s needs while showing them God’s love. We pray over each and every child that enters into our environment, and provide parents with a scripture card so that they can do the same. We also provide you with current information about how we cared for your child.


For ages 2K – 4K, your child will be a part of our RADIUS Kids Preschool. Each class, divided by age, is geared toward the specific needs of your child. Each class will have a worship and teaching time, a snack, and fun activities to help your child personalize the lesson. We believe that every child can understand that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend!

We want to continue to partner with you through our monthly take homes and more, because we believe that YOU have the greatest influence on your child’s understanding of Jesus.


Our elementary environment is an exciting place for kids to grow together with kids their age and to discover the life changing power of the gospel in action. We strive to create an excellent worship environment through small group interaction, large group teaching, high energy worship, and fun games! RADIUS Kids will be the highlight of your kid’s week! We want to partner with you by giving you our monthly take home cards so that you can intentionally spend time with your kids talking, praying, and playing through the truth-filled messages that they are hearing every Sunday. We can’t wait to see your K-5th grader this week, and we are so grateful to be able to connect with your family and increase your influence as you lead them spiritually.


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about RADIUS Kids:

When Can My Child Be Part of RADIUS Kids?

At most of our churches, RADIUS Kids is open during all services. Doors open 15 minutes before each service. We have groups for infants (nursery) through 5th grade.

Who Are the Volunteers?

Each of the churches within the RADIUS Family of Churches has a team of leaders who serve regularly in RADIUS Kids classrooms to provide a consistent presence that allows them to develop relationships with parents and children. All of our volunteers are background checked and attend several volunteer trainings each year.

What Happens on a Typical Sunday Morning?

Activities vary depending upon age. A typical schedule for your child (3 and up) includes time spent in Large Group and Small Group. In Large Group, kids hear a Bible story and worship through singing. In Small Group, kids take part in engaging and fun activities and connect with their leader and other kids.

What Happens if My Child Needs Me Before Service is Over?

Don’t be alarmed if your child cries at drop off. We understand that this is a natural and healthy sign that your child has formed a bond with you. If at any point during the service your child needs your assistance, we will text you using the phone number you provided when you registered.

When Does My Child ‘Move Up’ / Get Promoted Within RADIUS Kids?

All preschool and elementary children are placed in groups according to the Lexington 1 School District cut-off: Each child is placed in a group according to the age of the child by September 1 of that year. While RADIUS Kids realizes that this rule means some two year olds will be in the one year old class or three year olds in the two year old class etc., we think it’s really important to give each child a co-hort to grow with through RADIUS Kids, and we also recognize the necessity of having an organized regulation in order to keep safe child-to-leader ratios.

Security & Safety Info

RADIUS Kids is dedicated to creating safe environments for children.
We use a computerized check-in system. Upon check-in you will receive two stickers, each containing a unique code. One sticker will go on your child, the other you will keep. You must present your sticker twice: once to the hall security team and once to your child’s leader that matches your sticker for your child to be released to you upon pick-up. *Please note – your child cannot be released to you without the corresponding sticker.

Other Questions

Do you have some additional questions? Please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to have a conversation.

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