Students in Saluda

Students in Saluda

In RADIUS Students, our goal is to provide a space where students can learn and grow in relationship with Jesus, build friendships with other students, and have some adult leaders who will cheer them on as they learn to own their faith. We want our leaders to provide a “second voice” in the lives of our students – one outside of the home that speaks truth and encouragement into their lives and one that partners with what parents are trying to achieve at home.

Middle & High School – Sundays @ 6PM at the RADIUS Church – Saluda Office

We encourage our middle school students to explore their faith through building a better understanding of Scripture, engaging in small groups, and enjoying community. We build on the foundation set in RADIUS Kids by giving depth to the Bible stories that they encountered there. Our greatest hope is that students would meet Jesus and eventually surrender their lives to Him alone. We believe our Middle School students are the next generation of priests and prophets that will impact an even larger radius.

We believe that high school students can own their faith and be priests within their radius. Going through the teenage years as a Christian can be a bunch of fun, but it can also be difficult at times. It is worth every bit of work and effort and it’s not something meant to be done on your own. As followers of Jesus, we must intentionally put ourselves into safe relationships with other followers of Jesus and then we have to take a risk and share our lives (positive and negative) with those people. It is in this type of community that we are transformed and it is this type of community that we look to build within RADIUS Students for our high school students.

Students at Saluda

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