2018: Year in Review [extended cut]

2018: Year in Review [extended cut]

The RADIUS Family of Churches is joining forces to bring you the “Extended Cut” podcast each week. This is an opportunity for our communicators from around the Family of Churches to talk at greater length about the content from the previous week that they may not have gotten to or feel like they didn’t have the opportunity to share in totality because of time on Sunday morning. Each week Russell will sit down with a communicator from one of our churches to get their insights into the passage and to talk about some things they wish they had more time to share.

In this episode Russell Johnson sits down with RADIUS’ Lead Pastor, John Reeves, to review 2018 and to look ahead to 2019 for our Family of Churches. Their conversation goes from a review of the life of RADIUS Church to a personal conversation about some great ways to think about your upcoming year as a family.


  1. Tia

    This was my first time listening to your podcast ! Through out it I had goosebumps and moments of tears. I feel so incredibly blessed on so many levels .
    Thank you !

  2. Deborah D Rentz

    I enjoyed learning more about all the Radius locations. I am slowly learning how to pray, and would like to learn more about this communication with God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. I have learned a lot about prayer by reading the Psalms. I love how genuinely King David speaks to his Heavenly Father. I feel God’s nudges to talk with Him. Still unsure about it, but I pray with thanksgiving, and I feel blessed when I pray for other people. I am a partner at Radius White Knoll Thank you for this opportunity to share with you.

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