Abraham & Sarah: Week 3 (Lexington)

Abraham & Sarah: Week 3 (Lexington)

Lead Pastor, John Reeves, walked us through Genesis 13 today. In the passage Abraham and Sarah return from Egypt with their nephew, Lot. John pointed out the need for many of us to use the teaching moments – the trials and tests – that God puts in our way to help us gain better perspective on where we should grow. These are opportunities to ‘climb back up the slippery slope’ instead of just continually sliding down. Abraham seems to do this by letting Lot have a choice of the land when a dispute breaks out. Immediately after Lot departs, God speaks to Abraham and recounts His promise to Abraham and Sarah and Abraham’s response is to worship. So, where do you need to respond to God’s call on your life? Where do you need to take this opportunity to grow? If you’d like to start a conversation about following Jesus, or need some help deciding on next steps, we’d love here from you. Reach out to us via email so we can begin a conversation with you.


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