Abraham & Sarah: Week 4 [extended cut]

Abraham & Sarah: Week 4 [extended cut]

In this episode of RADIUS [extended cut] Russell Johnson is joined by Brian Kirkland as they unpack Genesis 14. Genesis 14 is a tricky passage when it comes to understanding who is Melchizedek, what does he mean, and why is he mentioned in the New Testament in Hebrews 7? As followers of Jesus it’s important to know these answers so we can more rightly understand what is happening not only in Abraham’s story, but how the Old Testament and New Testament come together to give us an understanding of who God is. If you have more questions, make sure to drop us an email and let Russell know.

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  1. Miranda Barnes

    You nerds never loose me as a listener either! 🙂 I listen to all Radius sermons and extended cuts. Thank you all for everything you do to bring us the word of God!!!!

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