Abraham & Sarah: Week 7 [extended cut]

Abraham & Sarah: Week 7 [extended cut]

In this episode of RADIUS [extended cut] Russell Johnson is joined by Brian Kirkland and Benji Leverentz. Brian and Benji offer some take-aways from our conference time last week at Exponential, as well as some insights for Genesis 17. There are lots of laughs this week, but also opportunities for questions, so if you have more questions, make sure to drop us an email and let us know.


  1. Robert Carswell


    I think for most people who believe that it is God’s will today for Israel (the nation) to possess Israel (the land), it’s not that God needs the US to ally and support Israel, but that the US should align its foreign policy with God’s will for Israel. I personally do not agree that it is God’s will (necessarily) for Israel the nation to occupy Israel the land today (my views are similar to Brian’s and the opposite of Hal Lindsey’s). But I agree for mostly secular reasons (or really loosely based on biblical principles), that the US should ally with Israel because Israel is the only democracy in the middle-east, the only nation that has any semblance of freedom, civil rights, or respect for human life (the value of each person’s life).

    In the spirit of 6th grade commentary on circumcision, maybe God removed the legs of snakes in Genesis 3 to foreshadow the coming of the covenant sign in Genesis 17.

    You guys are killing it with the Abraham / Sarah sermon series. There is so much truth and so much theology that has so much application to faith and practice, in the Abraham / Sarah text / series. And you guys are not shying away from the deep and important truths from the text. These stories matter to us today because the truths in these stories are timeless and important.

    • Russell Johnson

      Great thoughts Robert. Thanks for listening and engaging in the podcast. Hal Lindsey! What a great example of an extreme!

  2. Darrell Frick

    Great topic today guys! Loved it, had a long drive to New Orleans this week and got into about hour conversation with one of the guys riding with me about why all the hoopla over Israel. He has just started back going to church with his wife, but didn’t understand why all the political uproar over Israel. Long story short we had a very health talk on this topic you guys covered today and it really, really encouraged me. Keep doing the extended cut, look forward to them every week! GOD BLESS

    • Russell Johnson

      Darrell, Thanks for the kind words and great story. Really glad you shared that with us. We love the extended cut and will keep them coming!!

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