Joy: Week 2 [extended cut]

Joy: Week 2 [extended cut]

This week Russell sat down with John Reeves and Chris Seeby to tell stories from the last 10 years. Chris Seeby is transitioning away from the RADIUS Lexington staff team and from our Elder Team and, as he leaves vocational ministry, he’s not leaving RADIUS Church. Russell and John talk with Chris about the decision to transition, but they also share several stories of God’s goodness and activity from the last ten years in our church. This is a great opportunity to reflect on God’s movement in our church family.

Joy: Week 2


  1. Laurie

    And as we passed out the flowers we were wearing our t-shirts that said “it’s free” . Not the best shirt for the ladies to wear while we passed out the flowers
    But it was fun .

  2. Janet Hill

    Seeby know you are loved wherever you have been and are to go where God leads you. I’m proud to call you friend. Excited for you and your new adventures with God as they are created and to know you will remain part of the Radius Family. You son are another great disciple of Christ. May you continue to grow in His Name. God will always be with you and will never leave your side as you well know. With sincere sister in Christ love I pray only the best for you and sweet family whom I love dearly.
    God Bless
    Janet Hill

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