Margin: Week 2 [extended cut]

Margin: Week 2 [extended cut]

This week Russell is joined by Lead Pastor, John Reeves, as they discuss Mark 2 and the healing of the paralytic. John made the point in his message this past week that the four friends who bring the man to the house where Jesus is teaching to be healed, used their ‘margin’ to love their friend well. Russell and John debrief the remainder of the passage as well as talk about some practical ways we can make sure we are carving enough relational margin into our own lives to love like Jesus.

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  1. Robert Carswell

    If you read the full passage, some of the crowd in the house (or blocking the door) are enemies of Jesus. So these “lowering” men are so full of faith and so creative and so determined that they do not allow the enemies of Jesus from preventing their access to Jesus.

    For us, how are the enemies of Jesus preventing us from accessing Jesus? And do we give up? Or do we show faith, creativity, and determination to access Jesus or His church? There is always opposition. Do we give up? Do we get discouraged?

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