Margin: Week 2

Margin: Week 2

We continued our series: Margin this week with a look at Mark 2. In the story of the four friends who lower a paralyzed man through the roof of a home to get him in front of Jesus, we see four men who had enough margin to love their friend really well. It clearly took them time to go get him, fashion together the mat to carry him on and then the time and humility to climb on a neighbor’s roof and open it to lower the man into the room just so he could be in front of Jesus. Do you have enough relational margin to love your friends, co-workers, neighbors, or even your family, like this? Like Jesus does for the paralyzed man, do you need Him to address your deepest need, your sin, so that you can find healing? We’d love to have a conversation with you. Reach out to us by email and let’s start a conversation about how you can find healing, contentment, and fulfillment in Jesus.


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