Partnering: Week 2 [extended cut]

Partnering: Week 2 [extended cut]

The RADIUS Family of Churches is joining forces to bring you the “Extended Cut” podcast each week. This is an opportunity for our communicators from around the Family of Churches to talk at greater length about the content from the previous week that they may not have gotten to or feel like they didn’t have the opportunity to share in totality because of time on Sunday morning. Each week Russell will sit down with a communicator from one of our churches to get their insights into the passage and to talk about some things they wish they had more time to share.

In this episode Russell Johnson sits down with RADIUS Lexington’s Groups Pastor and Elder, Brian Kirkland, to talk about the Guiding Principles that are part of RADIUS Church’s newly updated Partner Covenant. As we’ve been talking over the last few weeks about what it means to be a RADIUS Partner and what RADIUS Church is all about, their conversation covers the five principles that we’ll ‘pound the table’ over:
1. We Bleed Bible
2. We Walk with God
3. We Are Family
4. We Do our Job
5. We Love our Neighbors


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