Psalm 136 [extended cut]

Psalm 136 [extended cut]

This week Russell Johnson sat down with Ross Kellis (RADIUS Irmo) to talk more in-depth about Psalm 136. Specifically they addressed verses 17-22 where the psalmist talks about “mighty kings” and lists some examples. Ross and Russell make the case that there is biblical evidence that this ‘highlight’ that the psalmist is showing us is of God’s cleansing of the tribes of Canaan because of the existence of ‘nephilim’ (or giants). They touch on the Genesis account (chapter 6) as well as references in Numbers, Joshua, Amos, and others that could help us better understand who the nephilim were and why God wanted them removed from the earth. It’s an interesting conversation if you’ve ever wondered about why God ordered the destruction of certain cities when the Israelites came into Canaan or if you’ve ever wondered about Genesis 6 and what the nephilim were. Do you have other questions around Psalm 136 you’d like answered? Shoot us an email and we’ll see how we can help you out.

Psalm 136
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