Seven: Week 4

Seven: Week 4

As we continued our way through the seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation, we began chapter 2 this week. We looked at how Jesus, through the Apostle John, encouraged the church at Smyrna in their suffering. Unlike the other six churches that we’ll encounter throughout this series, Jesus does not rebuke or complain against the church at Smyrna. He only offers consolation for their poverty and encouragement to persevere through the persecution they are experiencing. Smyrna is a great example for us as Jesus commends them for their ability to stand in the face of bitter persecution. As we consider the safety and freedom that we experience in the United States to worship freely, we should hope to live out our faith as well as the Christians in Smyrna did – a faith so deep that many were martyred for it. As John Reeves pointed out this week, if it cost you 50% of your paycheck just to associate with the Church, would you still show up every week? Do you have questions about following Jesus? Reach out to us by email so we can start a conversation.


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