The Home Dependent: Week 1 [extended cut]

The Home Dependent: Week 1 [extended cut]

This week Russell sat down with Ryan Molony from RADIUS Rocky Creek to take a deeper look at John 15 that all of our communicators talked about yesterday as we began our series: The Home Dependent. Ryan and Russell discuss the potential interpretations and implications of Jesus’ words in John 15 and remaining / abiding in Him. They end their time discussing some practical ways that we can remain in fellowship with Jesus to bear more fruit. Have more questions? Reach out to us and let’s have a conversation.


  1. Robert Carswell

    I appreciate the healthy relationships that the various members of the preaching staff demonstrate with each other. I appreciate the humor. And I also appreciate the robust discussions regarding hermeneutics, homiletics, and theology. There is a healthy balance between having confidence about what we know and should prioritize versus what we are not exactly sure about (and therefore should not be arrogant about).

  2. Robert Carswell

    Russell, check out Jack Cottrell as an Arminian theologian. He is no stud pastor / preacher. With regard to church growth or speaking, he has accomplished nothing. With regard to Arminian and / or right thinking / theology / doctrine, I haven’t found anyone better. He is published, but not by a big name publisher (probably because he isn’t a Calvinist and he can’t fathom networking or self-promotion). Yet he a Princeton Divinity School graduate. His writing style / attitude can be off-putting (his own confidence in his own rightness is like, what?). But if you ignore / skip over his own confidence in his own opinions, and simply interact logically with his own interpretations of scripture and systematic theology, I have found him difficult to disagree with. He has written many books (too many to process when one is simply looking to explore the heart of a particular (maybe esoteric) theologian that one has never been exposed to before). Try his “The Faith Once for All” which is a concise summary of his systematic theology.

  3. Robert Carswell

    I should also say that I have found that Jack Cottrell’s three books on the three primary natures / roles of God (how do we earthlings distinguish between essence / nature or temporal roles?), namely God the Creator, God the Ruler, and God the Redeemer, are extremely thorough and impressive. There is no star power, but the inductions and deductions are somewhat different from Calvin and slightly different from Luther, and difficult to separate from Francis Chan as Francis Chan has tested his own theological education / denominational tradition with respect to the very words of Scripture.

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