The Samaritan Way: Week 4 (Lexington)

The Samaritan Way: Week 4 (Lexington)

As we continued our series this week we were joined by Lee Clamp. Lee is a RADIUS Partner and works for the South Carolina Baptist Convention. He helped us look at the story of Jesus’ interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well as an example for how we can interact with our friends and neighbors. Jesus pushed past the barriers of race, culture, gender, socio-economics and spiritual identity to connect with her. He began simply by starting with a relational conversation that He quickly turned to a spiritual conversation. That spiritual conversation became a Gospel conversation that eventually led to her proclaiming her faith in Jesus as the Messiah and then sharing that faith with the rest of her village. 

We can follow His model as we interact with our friends and neighbors if we are willing to move past the “pain line” – that imaginary line that the enemy uses to convince us that we’ll mess something up – and engage in a Gospel conversation. By definition a Gospel conversation is simply a dialogue where the Gospel is presented and a response is invited. 

So, how about you? Have you proclaimed faith in Jesus? It’s impossible to share a faith that we don’t have to begin with. If you’ve embraced the Gospel, how are you doing with sharing it with your friends and neighbors? You can check out some helpful resources over at If you’d like to start a conversation about following Jesus, you can reach out to us by email.


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