Thrill of Hope: Week 2 [extended cut]

Thrill of Hope: Week 2 [extended cut]

Russell was joined this week by RADIUS Lexington’s Connection Coordinator, Kim Lyle. They sat down to discuss some of the questions that can come out of the Luke passage that John talked about during Week 2 of our Advent series. Kim’s questions ranged from “was Mary & Joseph’s marriage arranged?” to “what do the two different lineages presented in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew tell us about Jesus and why are they different?” This is a good deep-dive for anyone who has been afraid to ask questions about the Christian faith and the events surrounding Christmas. Russell and Kim also talk about some neat upcoming events in the life of RADIUS Church.

During their early discussion they reference an opportunity coming up to help support Give Hope in the form of our ‘staff food-truck’: Killer Beez Grilled Cheez. You can check out the menu they referenced here. Then, plan to join us on Thursday, December 19th at 6PM (before our Thursday night service) to eat a meal together and help support Give Hope.


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