We Die.

We Die.

This weekend we concluded our WE series as we looked at how Jesus modeled for us to die. In this case, not only does Jesus lead us to be able to face physical death with hope, but He also taught us how to ‘relinquish control’ of those things in this life that bind us to non-eternal things. He modeled for us what it looked like to die to ourselves and our wills to give deference and submit to the will of the Father. As Lead Pastor, John Reeves walked us through Romans 6, Jesus also conquered sin on our behalf and took on the full penalty of the wrath of God for us. That should give us immense hope in this life and free us from the bondage of sin. Do you have questions about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection? Do you want to know more about what life looks like with Him? We’d love to help you find your way to Jesus. Reach out to us by email and let’s start a conversation.


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