We Serve

We Serve

This week we began our “WE” series by looking at how the universal Church is setup to serve.Lead Pastor, John Reeves, kicked off the series by looking at how Jesus defines “we” – that we are His brothers and sisters – we are His family (Mark 3:31-35). Because we are connected to the God of the universe, we have power to live differently and distinctly from the rest of the world. As followers of Jesus we are called to serve each other, serve our friends and neighbors, and to serve the world. John recounts the history of RADIUS Church and how we have served our community and then calls us to continue to be servants as we continue to ‘carry the baton’ that has been passed on to us. Do you have questions about how you can serve? Do you want to know more about following Jesus? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email and let’s start a conversation.


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