Serve in Lexington

Serve in Lexington

Serving has a variety of capacities, but all forms of true service bring glory to Jesus and grow our spiritual lives (1 Peter 4:10-11). Serving at RADIUS does not require that someone believe in order to belong. Instead it is our hope that serving at RADIUS would allow anyone willing to engage in our community to grow in their understanding of the Gospel and Gospel-community. Our volunteer teams do this in a variety of specific ways, but our goal is to invite our partners and guests into Gospel-community.

Serving together also forges community bonds. As we serve “should-to-shoulder” in community, we are refined and can grow in our spiritual walk. It is in the acts of service that we better refine and live out our personal and corporate missional elements of taking the Gospel to those in our RADIUS.

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Serve in Lexington

First Impressions Team

First Impressions is full of outgoing personalities who love to host and serve guests and partners. The team starts with greeters on the front porch who welcome, smile and hold the doors for folks as they enter our building. There are also folks who “float” through the lobby to make connections with new guests both in the lobby and in the auditorium. We also have folks who hand out communication cards at the auditorium doors and ushers that help direct folks to seats in the auditorium. This team’s purpose is to provide a welcoming environment to make meaningful connections between guests and partners.

Serve with First Impressions


RADIUS KIDS is a safe, fun and exciting place for kids to learn about God. Our goals for are to teach our children about God’s story, help them build friendships and make their experiences at RADIUS fun and positive. Weekly lessons are taught through many age-appropriate methods that engage all of our learners through the use of worship, games, crafts and active review sessions. Engaging teaching methods combined with awesome volunteers make RADIUS Kids a place where parents know their children are building strong spiritual foundations. RADIUS Kids Leaders are background checked for security purposes and on a regular basis will offer training for volunteers so that they can get better at what they do inside of our Kids area. RADIUS Kids volunteers serve every week or on an every other week team.

Serve with RADIUS Kids

Safety Team

The Safety Team exists to provide a secure environment for our guests, Partners and their children to actively engage in Gospel-community. They provide protection to ensure that the RADIUS: Kids teaching areas are safe from potential threats, but they also provide aid in the event of an emergency situation (fire, severe weather, etc.).  They also assist with making sure that our check-in & check-out  procedures are handled in a calm and appropriate manner. They strive to help create a warm, safe, inviting place for everyone on our campus during Sunday morning events and throughout the week.

Serve with Safety

Cafe Team

Members of the Cafe Team welcome our Partners and guests into our Gospel-community by creating a comfortable place to pause, snack, and chat with each other.  They do this by providing food and drinks, but they also host our lobby area by engaging folks in conversation. They believe deeply that putting a plate and a cup in someone’s hand and inviting them into conversation can build deep relationships and foster real community.

Serve with Cafe

Worship & Media Teams

The Worship & Media Teams support our Sunday AM worship experiences by providing music, audio, video and lighting that help to create a distraction-free environment for folks to encounter Jesus. While some positions require more technical skill and training than others, this team and it’s training program offer the opportunity to become a skilled technician in the areas of music and worship production.

Serve with Worship Team

Serve with Media Team

Parking Team

Our Parking Team consists of guys who love to engage people outside of the front doors. They assist guests in finding parking both on and off-campus. They take the First Impressions idea of being outgoing and friendly beyond our front porch. When it rains, they help guests into the building with umbrellas. They also assist folks crossing the road when they park in the Chamber of Commerce lot, Salon on Main or Bank of America or other off-campus lots. In addition to serving people directly, they help direct traffic in all of those lots and make sure that traffic flows smoothly around our campus. They serve 1-2 times per month on a rotating schedule. This is a very active job and exposes you to the elements.

Serve with Parking