St Paul’s School is a place where students can learn from those who care for them deeply.  God has blessed this school with many ladies and gentlemen who work hard and love the Lord.  This shows as they share His love with their students every day.  The school has a reputation within the community as a place where students can get a quality education that encompasses both the structure of a repetition based British school and the hands on learning of an American school. Both systems have great strengths for students and both systems have gaps in them that can leave some students struggling to keep up and learn.

When we first walked into St Paul’s School in October, one sweet boy was living in one of these gaps. While everyone else was engaged in lessons and the teacher’s words, he was sitting with his head on the table and his eyes looking in the distance. His teachers knew he was a great kid and were concerned that he just couldn’t stay engaged long enough to keep up with the learning pace that the rest of the class was moving at. As I watched him throughout the day, I would see him try and then fade into the background over and over again. His teachers were constantly working to engage him in his studies, yet couldn’t find the right solution for him. The more he repeated material, the more confused be became.

As we worked together throughout the week to identify ways to complement the great education these teachers were providing day in and day out, we watched this young boy move from disengaged to engaged the more he was able to partake in hands on learning with his peers. He needed the structure of his teacher’s instruction to get started, but thrived every time he was able to use what he learned in a hands on way. We watched as he moved from literally hiding his face in the classroom by laying it on the table or standing behind his peers to pushing his way through the crowd to have a front row seat for the lesson. In the span of a few days, supported by those who cared from him deeply, he moved from being imperfect, lost, and hesitant into being whole, belonging, and confident in the classroom.

Thank you for supporting St Paul’s School and the Joseph family’s Kingdom work in India. Your generosity and prayers play an integral part in doing important kingdom work: it enables the Joseph family and St. Paul’s School to love people; and through loving them, gain favor to build them into the next generation of Christ followers. This year, you provided a means for one sweet boy to walk into school with a face of joy.  His face exuded joy because God’s mission is not just about teaching us, but also loving us.  St. Paul’s loves him well.  I am so thankful I was able to travel to India and be His hands and feet to love and teach.

I am honored we, as a family at RADIUS, get to walk alongside Stephen and his family as they lead St Paul’s to be a place of peace, where the grace of God and the love of His Son are known, and His people are protected as they fight for Kingdom growth.

I am looking forward to serving more in 2017.  Thank You! (by Tina Butterfield)

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