All-RADIUS Announcement – June 13 embedded in John’s All-RADIUS sermon video. Optional use for emails and FB groups afterwards.


Give Hope is a partnership between RADIUS Church and school administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers to take care of needs in our community.  We ask for our people to generously give during the month of December so that funds can be available to funnel through schools to families in crisis all throughout the year. This year, we raised a little over $200,000 and gave to 57 schools. Alma Ruiz is a great example of this partnership:

Alma Ruiz is the district social worker for Lexington School District One. Alma is unique because she makes herself available to families in need 24/7.  Give Hope money has given her the ability to immediately help families day or night because of the availability of the funds. She also utilizes one of our missional partners – Mission Lexington – to help them find long term help. Alma keeps a spreadsheet to show us how the money has been spent and just this school year, Alma has used Give Hope funds to help 45 families.  Needless to say, she has used every penny so we gifted her with $3000 more to put towards families in crisis in our communities. 

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Picture of us giving extra Give Hope funds to Alma (might be cool to include as you talk about it):