August is a pretty big month for our church! It’s “reset” time for many of our ministry areas as well as our people.  Kids and students move up to their new groups and kick off the school year, groups sign ups begin and a large portion of our church family will spend time preparing for and starting a new school year and all the activities that go along with it. 

Please read this post carefully so that we are all on the same page and do our part in meeting these goals for August:

  1. Push as many partners as we can to the Go Party.
  2. Connect as many people as possible to biblical community (kids, students, and adults!)

One thing that we REALLY want to elevate on our calendar and put in front of our partners repeatedly throughout the next month is the Go Party. You might be saying – what in the world is a Go Party? Here are all the staff details.

As you communicate in your ministry area, please include the Go Party in every email you send (campus, Kids volunteers, group leaders, students, serve teams…all emails) with the reminder – “If you are a partner or considering partnership, you don’t want to miss the GO Party on August 28. Go to to RSVP by August 21.

Besides Go Party, focus on connecting everyone this month! Biblical Community for the whole family is what August is about. Kids and students meet their new group leaders and kick off a new year and our adults sign up for groups! Our women have a special opportunity to sign up this month to go away together to grow closer to God and connect in community.

For all registrations, go to and send your people there weekly!

Go Party

Communication Plan

  • July 28 | Partner Save The Date email
  • August 14 | John will talk about during All-RADIUS Sunday
  • August 14 – 26 | CP’s make phone calls to Partners to invite and let them know you’re excited about them coming if they’ve already rsvp’d
  • August Discovery | Push people to the “Go Party”
  • August 8 | In campus emails / If you are a partner or considering partnership, join us for Go-Party
  • August 10 | Partner Email Invite

Covenant Partnership is our term for church membership. We decided early on that we wanted to use a term other than membership for our church family because in today’s culture the word membership has a strong tie to gym or country club memberships that are equated with receiving goods or services. For our covenant partners we want the exact opposite to be true. We want our Partners to serve others and be generous toward the local church and those in our radius.

As partners, we get together once a year. This isn’t just any get together. This is the party of the year! After praying through May and gathering your feedback through our survey, we’re excited about the direction God is taking us! We’ll celebrate together God’s faithfulness to our church over the last year and share where we’re going as we look ahead to the next 12 months. A few things we’re excited about:

  • You’ll meet new leaders who are coming on staff and those who are changing course to help lead others to go.
  • You’ll hear how God is working through your generosity
  • We’ll give you the chance to close any gaps you might have as you partner with us – join a group, serve on a team, and give.



New Sermon Series! – UPDATE COMING

Communication Plan

  • August 7 – Scroll | Next Week slide – Kristen will put in planning center for August 7
  • Social post week before
  • August 14 | Sermon Series beings

More details to come!!


Communication Plan

  • Promo as needed for your campus. Be sure to invite those considering partnership to the Go Party.

Discovery is the first step in becoming a Covenant Partner at RADIUS Church. It’s an informal 1-hour opportunity for us to tell you about the history, mission and vision of RADIUS Church and for you to ask any questions you may have. We’ll cover topics like: “What are we here for?” “How are we Led?” and “Who Does What?”. We typically host Discovery (enter your date / frequency) This is a great way for you to find out if RADIUS Church is the place you’d like to call home.

Call to Action – – – If you would like to be a part of the next Discovery, sign up using a connect card, visit the connect desk, or sign up anytime at

RADIUS Students

Communication Plan for Fall-

  • Begin Promo for Back To School Bash on July 31
  • Always promo how to find student calendars. Put this in your scroll if you haven’t.
  • Big question – How do new families stay up to date on student information? How do they opt into email lists or remind? Let us help you create something for your connect desk to hand to student families who want more info.

Let’s kick off the year together! Students across all of our six campuses will come together on August 12 for a Back to School Bash! We will meet that Friday night at 6PM at RADIUS Centerville (4335 Augusta Hwy, Gilbert). There will be tons of fun – Spikeball, corn hole, a slip n slide, volleyball, Kanjam… and much more! Food is provided, and we will have a time of worship and pray for the upcoming school year.



RADIUS Students is for sixth through 12th graders. Our goal is to help students discover and own their faith so that they launch into the world after graduation following Jesus and making disciples. Our spring semester is about to begin!  If you have a student, they won’t want to miss out on a single gathering or event!  Stay up to date by checking out our student page or keeping an eye on your campus calendar. All can be accessed through


  • Go to and click on Students


Move Up Sunday

Communication Plan

  • Begin Promo for Back To School Bash on July 31
  • Always promo how to find student calendars. Put this in your scroll if you haven’t.
  • Big question – How do new families stay up to date on student information? How do they opt into email lists or remind? Let us help you create something for your connect desk to hand to student families who want more info.


Sunday, August 14th is Move Up Sunday for RADIUS Kids and Students! That means that all of our kids and students will move up to their new grades and new groups! Questions?  Reach out to your campus pastor or kids coordinator.

Kids Group Explanation – To use in parent communication

All preschool and elementary children are placed in groups according to the typical school district cut-off: Each child is placed in a group according to the age of the child by September 1 of that year. 

While we realize that this rule means that we will have situations such as three year olds in the two year old class or two year olds in the toddler class, etc., we think it’s really important to give each child a cohort to grow with through RADIUS Kids. We also recognize the necessity of having an organized regulation in order to keep safe child to leader ratios.

Our RADIUS Kids leaders have been chosen because they are committed to showing up consistently and investing in your child’s life. Please take a moment to tell them “thank you!”


Women’s Retreat

Communication Plan

  • Registration Will End on August 21

Registration ends August 21

Registration is open for our first All-RADIUS Women’s retreat! Women from our six campuses will come together to study God’s Word, worship, and build friendships.

We’ll get away to Myrtle Beach September 30 – October 2 and explore our theme Take Care – Created in God’s image and called the pinnacle of creation, we get to take care of our whole selves to the glory of God. Come learn what this care looks like – first as an act of worship, then as a way to better love others and fully embrace life.



Groups Sign-Ups

Communication Plan

  • 8.1 | Campus Emails – “coming soon” blurb
  • 8.10 | Partner Email – early sign ups
  • 8.11 | Added to (call to action will be “go to to sign up)
  • 8.14 | Sign Ups Open – Stage Announcement, Group Leaders in Lobby?
  • 8.15 – 9 .5 | Campus Emails
  • 8.17 – 8.31 | Groups Stories on FB, Insta, YouTube if video driven
  • Jeremy to Add in – Group Leader / Member Emails


At RADIUS we believe that small groups are where friendships form and discipleship takes place. That’s why we have multiple groups meeting all during the week to share stories, open the scriptures and pray together.  If you aren’t currently in a group, we have multiple small groups who are ready to welcome you when groups start up the week of September 5. It’s easy to find a group and sign up – just click go to or visit our app. Signups start Sunday August 14 and will go through September 5.


  • Go to and click on Groups


Serve Your RADIUS – ongoing serve projects

Serving our radius is core to the mission of our church. Meeting tangible needs and  being generous with our time, energy, and money enables relationship building that leads to making disciples and planting churches. 

Serve Your RADIUS provides a great opportunity for us to go into our communities to tangibly show the love of Jesus to our neighbors!

(Describe your project and give details)

Graphics- Ask Kristen for a “serve your radius” graphic for your project.

August Serve Your RADIUS events –

  • RADIUS Irmo – Dutch Fork Elem. Block Parties