August is a pretty big month for our church! It’s “reset” time for many of our ministry areas as well as our people.  Kids and students move up to their new groups and kick off the school year, groups sign ups begin and a large portion of our church family will spend time preparing for and starting a new school year and all the activities that go along with it. 

One thing that we REALLY want to elevate on our calendar and put in front of our partners repeatedly throughout the next month is the Go Party. You might be saying – what in the world is a Go Party? All the details are below to fill you in. We’ll add more as the event is planned. As always – reply to me and ask questions if something is unclear so that we can make sure our people have good and complete information. 


  • August 28 from 5PM – 8PM | Program will begin at 6:30 with dinner beforehand.

Is there Kidcare?

  • Oh yea! Your kid won’t want to miss the fun. It’s not just a party for big people. They’ll party as well.

What about students?

  • Students are encouraged to come so that your family can talk about it later. This is great for them as they begin to own their faith.


  • Lexington High School

For Staff – What is my job?

  • We’ll let you know soon! Everyone needs to be available for this. Even if you don’t have a task, your task will be to talk to people.

Is there an RSVP? –

  • Yes. We want to make sure we have plenty of food and enough adults to hang out with our kids. We are publicizing this link so that it’s easy to find. If anyone signs up that isn’t a partner but considering partnership (this is on the form) we’ll make sure their campus knows for follow-up.


If you are a partner at RADIUS Church, this is the party of the year! After praying through May and gathering your survey results, we’re excited about the direction God is taking us! We’ll celebrate together God’s faithfulness to our church over the last year and share where we’re going as we look ahead to the next 12 months. A few things we’re excited about:

  • You’ll meet new leaders who are coming on staff and those who are changing course to help lead others to go.
  • You’ll hear how God is working through your generosity.
  • We’ll give you the chance to close any gaps you might have as you partner with us – join a group, serve on a team, and give.

I get the “party” – Tell me more about the word “Go”

We want to be a reproducing church that is committed to “going” over and over again and that starts with U. Ux2 is our language for going to make disciples which is the call of every believer and ultimately the call of every newly planted church. Jesus spent his life going to people. He preached to the multitudes but chose a few people and poured Himself into them. Jesus calls us to follow His example by reproducing what He has given to us in others, who in turn are to invest in others also. This is “going” in its basic form and necessary as we continue to “go” as a reproducing church into new communities. 

Communication Plan

  • July 28 | Partner Save The Date email
  • August 14 | John will talk about during All-RADIUS Sunday
  • August 14 – 26 | CP’s make phone calls to Partners to invite and let them know you’re excited about them coming if they’ve already rsvp’d
  • August Discovery | Push people to the “Go Party”
  • August 8 | In campus emails / If you are a partner or considering partnership, join us for Go-Party
  • August 10 | Partner Email Invite

August 28th 


  • 5-6:30 | We’ll eat and give out campus colored t-shirts
  • 6:15 | Kids drop off begins
  • 6:30 – 7:30 |  Program 
  • 7:40 – 8:10 | Dessert and Response time if program calls for it.


  • Kristen – Setup venue tour and invite all leads
  • Jerry – Organize team, recruit –  food team (Chuck), parking team (Bozard), shirts team (Erin and Residents), herding to program team (Erin and residents), end game/dessert team (Jacob), cleanup team (Bozard and Residents)
  • Kristen / Moriah – Campus shirts.   7/29 order
  • Erin and Residents – Shirt Pick-up 
  • Matt/Traci – Kids play – fun, hook to get fams there.
  • BK/AK – Get program ready – JReeves
  • Jacob Robinson – end play/call to action.  AK tell Jacob the play to execute.
  • S. Bozard – Coordinate all clean up
  • AK – Coordinate invite with CPs execute.

Partner Survey

  • We depend heavily on the prayer and direction of our partners as decisions are made. As our partners pray and ask God to guide and lead us as a church, we want to know their thoughts and collect feedback from them throughout the year, but especially in May after we spend the month praying together.

Campus Comms

Keep in mind – 

  • This is a super crazy month and every ministry area is communicating something. Please include this in every email you send (campus, Kids volunteers, group leaders, students, serve teams…all emails) with the reminder – If you are a partner or considering partnership, you don’t want to miss the GO Party on August 28. 
  • RSVP at or through your partner email.