Group LEADER Guides can be found:

  • Website – Connect / Groups / Leader Resources (found at the bottom of the groups page)
  • APP – Click Resources / Your Church / Group Leader Guides

GROUP CHATS are our group discussion questions.  These can be found on our series page – 

  • Website – Resources / he | she | HIS / Group Chat
  • APP – Click Resources / Your Church / Group Chat
  • radiuschurch.info


Groups Promo graphics can be used when talking about Group sign ups from the front.

Graphics are dated Aug 15th, Aug 22nd and a generic logo.

Here’s some suggested language – but PLEASE tailor this to fit YOUR people: Next week/This week you are going to have the opportunity to sign up for a small group at RADIUS. Small groups are where big church becomes small. It’s where we grow as followers of Jesus, and develop friendships that will help us along the way. We have 4 types of groups for you to choose from – and all of our groups use Stories, Scripture and Prayer to guide their time together. Sign ups will be in person here – and online.

Graphic folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RPlo-aTpT-N6wAjuE-k-ZypczQRT3c9R?usp=sharing