New Sermon Series – WE ARE

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Broken relationships, divided communities, racial injustice, war. Our world seems more fragmented than ever. As believers, how do we move forward?

Ephesians was written to believers in Ephesus during a similar time when the world felt heavy and dangerous. Still, this letter was written as an epic description of the fullness and the richness of life in Christ as we understand who WE ARE and what WE DO. 

If the Ephesians could grasp this. If WE, The Church, can grasp this- WE would overflow into our radius and the world could be transformed by The Gospel.


Go to for a link to our series page where you’ll find more resources as you study your Bible.


  • We’ve created Ephesian journals for everyone. Pick those up on Tuesday, October 26 in the support team office. As you talk about these, emphasize The Healthy U. Here is a little bit of language we are using on the web and in print –


Over the next year, we want to focus on building a healthy U which means being intentional about letting the Holy Spirit pour into U. When this happens, U overflow into –Your home. Your world. Your church.

Bible Study is one way we walk with God and fill up “the U”.  When we study the Bible, we engage the Scriptures for a deeper understanding of God and respond to what we study as we live. As we walk through Ephesians together, pick up an Ephesians Journal in the lobby and use the resource page found on our app and website.