EMPOWER 1 – Missional Partnership Update

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An estimated 3 billion people are living without access to the gospel. This means that for generations, families have remained trapped in darkness—without hope and peace. For this reason, RADIUS Church and Empower 1 are linking arms to equip and mobilize local leaders in North East Africa to plant churches. Empower One church planters are taking the gospel back into their own neighborhoods and surrounding communities where they’re better missionaries than we could ever be. It’s within this shared culture and language that the gospel is reaching people who never had the opportunity to choose Jesus. So far – 475,029 people have been reached, 507 churches planted in 5 countries. Because you live generously – we are able to help plant churches, not only in the next town in the Midlands of South Carolina, but also around the world.

Call to Action

  • If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership with Empower 1 go to radiuschurch.info.
  • If you’d like to learn more about our challenge to multiply generosity over the next three years, check out the Together 21 page on our website.

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