Option – Easter Sunday is in xx days! 96% of the unchurched said they were likely to attend church if they were simply invited. Easter is one of the best times to leverage the opportunity to invite people in your life to come to church and experience the Good News of Jesus. Think about (your city). There could people in your radius that are just one personal invitation away from knowing Jesus. Who can you reach out to this week to invite them to join you for Easter – Not so we can have the biggest church service in town, but so they can hear about Jesus and His overwhelming love for them. (Preface for invite cards / Easter egg invites, etc. – All found on

Option – Easter Weekend is just around the corner! Join us as we celebrate the good news of the cross and resurrection of Jesus. Easter poses a unique opportunity to invite friends, coworkers, and neighbors to hear this good news! Be prayerful in inviting those who may be far from God or those who are looking for a church family.


  • Easter information will be located EVERYWHERE!  A button will be on the front page of the website ( Also on 
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