Making a real impact in communities locally and around the world.


Great question. Truth is, there’s a ton of answers. But we’ll start with these:

Generosity frees us to live purposeful lives.

When we live life open-handedly, we are no longer bound to things on this earth that will pass away.

Generosity makes disciples.

When we give willingly to others, our neighbors notice.

Generosity follows the example of Jesus.

He emphasizes blessing the poor, and He gave His own life knowing that we could never repay Him.

That being said, generosity without boundaries can simply become reckless. 

We’ve listed three ways below that keep us accountable as we give.


We want to make sure that needs are met in the best way possible. We are not afraid to use partners or intermediaries as conduits to get resources where they need to go as long as the need is being met.



We want to meet more than financial needs. Our hope is to have enough relationship to meet spiritual needs. While financial generosity often opens the door to spiritual conversations, we want to make sure that we have enough relationship to engage in those conversations.


We don’t give with a bunch of fanfare. We share and exercise generosity not for public relations, but in order that we might earn the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus. We are sowing seeds of generosity not for immediate gratification, but as investments in eternity.

Generosity extends beyond finances. It  includes our service to the church, our hospitality to our friends and neighbors, and the way we hold life open-handedly. As we seek to glorify God together, living generously as a church family is a core practice that helps us model Jesus to our neighbors.