Love Your Radius

The mission of RADIUS Church is to glorify God by making disciples, planting churches, and living generously.

As opportunities arise within each of our communities and within our church, our RADIUS partners rise to the occasion by serving those in need. We are encouraged to keep our eyes up – so that we are on the scene ready to help quickly and quietly – without fanfare or accolades. Where has God placed you? What needs do you notice in your world? Loving our radius makes generosity a way of life.

Find a need and Give Hope funds will match your gift up to $500.



– Clearly communicate what the goals of this project.
– Write the application like you are speaking to someone who does not know you and has never heard of your project.

Love Your RADIUS Application

Are you a partner of RADIUS Church?(Required)
We will send a reference form to the pastor you list.
Please list which community group you attend.
New or existing.
If applicable.
Through this new or existing project, what are you hoping to accomplish?
Please include the scope of your responsibilities with the project or with the project.
If you were to receive funding for this project, when would it take place? Include any applicable to this project.
Up to $500
Acknowledgement of Recipient Expectations(Required)
I agree to provide a follow-up report & story discussing project outcomes at the end of the grant period if chosen as a grant recipient.