RADIUS Family, 

If you missed our 19th birthday party Sunday night, we missed you! For those of you that came, thank you! We can’t wait to celebrate #20 next year! If you missed the program, you can catch it here.

As we talked about living generously Sunday night, we introduced a new fund that can be found on our drop down called the “Opportunity Fund.” Throughout our history, God continually surprises us with opportunities to make Him famous. Many times, we’ve tackled these opportunities with cash on hand or through gifts that are given by a few people who have watched what we’re doing and believe in who we are. These few people stepped in unsolicited with extraordinary generosity and asked us to hold their gifts for the right time. The Centerville and Southside renovations are two opportunities we’ve been able to fund through these gifts. We’ve now formalized this fund and made it available for anyone to give to in order to fund upcoming opportunities. Here are a few things we’re dreaming about:

  • Turning the white house at RADIUS Southside into a counseling center or coffee shop for college students
  • Ways to solve a pressing space issue for RADIUS Centerville
  • Creating an updated and welcoming environment for our original campus on Main Street, Lexington

If you would like to give to the opportunity fund, click HERE or go to the “give” tab on our website.