Pray May is an important time for our church family where we join together to fast and pray. Fasting and praying reminds us of our dependence on God and unifies us as we pray together for our church and communities. 

This year, we will be asking for God’s direction as we pray through our 3 year multiplication challenge called Together 21. The mission of RADIUS Church is to glorify God by making disciples, planting churches, and living generously. Together 21 is a vision-setting challenge for our church to passionately and extraordinarily live out our mission.

Before turning 21 in 2024, we want to double disciples, double groups, double church plants, and double generosity. 

May 1st Sermon – John Reeves

Prayer Gatherings




4335 Augusta Hwy. Gilbert, SC 29054

May 11 | 6:30PM – Men’s Prayer Night | Food Truck

May 18 | 6:30PM – Women’s Prayer Night | Food Truck

Wednesdays | 6AM – We will meet at RADIUS Lexington



Tribal Coffee - 7949 Broad River Rd Suite 8, Irmo, SC 29063

May 11 & 18 | 6:30PM

We will share a meal to break our fast together and pray.

Wednesdays | 6AM – Patrick Olson will lead us in a time of prayer at the Olson home (136 Hawks Ridge Lane, Chapin, SC 29036)



300 W Main St, Lexington, SC 29072

May 11 – Food starts serving at 6PM | Pray at 7PM
Kidcare Ages Birth-Age 5. Pizza provided.

 May 18 – Food starts serving at 6PM | Pray | Baptism
Kidcare Ages Birth-Age 5. Pizza provided.

We will share a meal to break our fast together and pray each night. We will also celebrate baptism on May 18.


Wednesdays | 6AM – John Reeves will lead us in a time of prayer at RADIUS Lexington in the Atrium.



100 South Main Street, Saluda, SC 29138

May 11 and 18 | 6:30PM

We will share a meal to break our fast together and pray.

Wednesdays | 6AM – Trey Shealy will lead us in a time of prayer at RADIUS Saluda.



702 Whaley Street, Columbia, SC 29201

May 11

6AM | Prayer Gathering
6:30PM | Prayer Night | Focus on The Lord’s Prayer

May 18

6AM | Prayer Gathering
6:30PM | Community Prayer Walk



5181 Platt Springs Rd., Lexington, SC 29073

May 11 & 18 | 6:30PM – Prayer Nights

Wednesdays | 6AM – Jacob Robinson will lead us in a time of prayer at RADIUS White Knoll


Text PRAYMAY to 500-3352 for daily prayer videos and conversations about Together 21 throughout the month.

Mondays | 2 Timothy 2:2

  • Pray for the names on your 3 dominoes.
  • Pray that God would make our church a place of real discipleship.
  • Pray for your neighbors.

Tuesdays | Luke 10:2

  • Ask God to bring wisdom and energy to the workers we already have.
  • Pray for more workers to join our mission as we fix our eyes on the future harvest.
  • Pray for the potential church plants and the communities that God might be leading us to.

Wednesdays | Ephesians 5:1

  • Plan to pray and fast today and gather on May 11 and 18 at your campus at 6:30PM to pray together.
  • Pray that you will continue to mature in Christ as you pray and read The Bible.
  • Pray that others will see this change in you as you mature and make disciples.

Thursdays | 1 Timothy 6:18-19

  • Generosity is more than a number; it’s a posture of the heart. Pray that our church will continue to give to make Jesus famous in our communities.
  • Pray for our community partners as they work on the front lines day in and day out to help others.
  • Pray for the potential church plants and the communities that God might be leading us to.

Fridays | Hebrews 10:24

  • Reach out to others in your group to pray together over texting or gather to pray with a few or all together.
  • Pray for each other.
  • Pray for the multiplication of our groups so that others can develop friendships and enjoy biblical community.


Gather with your family or a group of friends to pray together:

  • Pray the truth about God
  • Pray the truth about yourself.


Southside – Pray May

Matthew 28:19-20 (The Great Commission) says, “Go therefore, and make disciples..." - When we, as a body, are on mission to plant churches, our minds stay focused on reaching new areas with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Part of our mission at RADIUS has always been...

Domino – Pray May

UX2 is the phrase we use when we talk about making healthy disciples. In 2021, we were challenged to take three dominoes, write on them the names of three people that don't know Jesus, and pray for them. Are you praying for your dominoes? Need three dominoes so you...

Worship | Pray May

Worship with Matt Altman (RADIUS Lexington) as he plays the classic hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Today, let’s pray that we will take everything to God in prayer - our fears, anxieties, relationships, struggles, plans - and lay it all at the foot of the...

Family | Pray May

Praying with family is so important, as it leads to growth in your relationship with the Lord and with your family. It’s so important for children to see and to hear adults pray out loud and openly talk to God. Join Cassie Bryant (RADIUS White Knoll) in praying that...

Ezekiel Ministries – Pray May

Hear from Shane Johnson - Director of After School Programs - as he gives an incredible Ezekiel Ministries (EZE) update. Today, take some time to pray for the EZE family Bible studies happening every other week. Pray that God will move in a powerful way in the...

Prayer | Pray May

Prayer is a gift. Communication is essential for relationship: talking and listening. Our prayer life makes us more alive in Christ. We learn to recognize his voice and how to respond with thanksgiving and requests. Today, let's pray with Jeff Coleman (RADIUS...

Discipleship – Pray May

Discipleship is so important: to share our lives with those around us and walk alongside someone through life. Paul Sease (RADIUS Centerville) reminds us that we must allow people to come into our lives in order to truly disciple. It takes a great love for people in...

Worship – Pray May

“If more of you means less of me, take everything. Yes, all of you is all I need take everything.” Worship with Parker Andrews (RADIUS Southside) as she sings a song about Jesus being everything we need. As we pray today, let’s ask the Lord to tune our hearts to His...

Prayer – Pray May

We can always talk with God about anything: requests, repentance, peace. Prayer is so powerful to connect us with God. Join Jalen Brooks (RADIUS Southside) as we pray for the people around us today.

Groups – Pray May

Community is necessary, critical, and beautiful. God has always been in community with Himself: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Pray today with Shannon Calamas (RADIUS Lexington) that we would see the beauty of living and taking initiative to live in community. Let's...

Generosity – Pray May

1 Timothy 6:18-19, "They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life." "Thank you God for giving us...

Prayer – Pray May

Join Richard and Barbara Ferrier (RADIUS Irmo) as we pray and fast today. Let us remember WHY we pray, and let us pray so that we can draw near to the Lord. We pray because we want direction from God. We want to draw closer to God and change to be more like Him. We...

Church Growth – Pray May

John 1:35-42 tells the story about John the Baptist recognizing Jesus for who he is: the lamb of God. After hearing, Andrew ran to tell his brother, Simon Peter, that they had found the Messiah. When we look at what God has done for us, we go and tell others that good...

Disciples – Pray May

Join John Manna (RADIUS Lexington) in praying with us that we will continue to make disciples. God has called us to make disciples through the great commission and throughout the Bible. Let's pray for people who are already in our lives that we're already discipling -...

Worship – Pray May

Here I am to worship Here I am to bow down Here I am to say that You're my God You're altogether lovely Altogether worthy Altogether wonderful to me

Gather & Pray – Pray May

Philippians 4:6 "Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done." Today, as we gather and pray with Ali Harrison (RADIUS Saluda), let us pray that we will not be anxious. May we pray the truth...

Groups | Gx2 – Pray May

We are called throughout scripture to experience life together and live in community. Groups provide a means to live out the gospel to our community. Pray with Seth Scott (RADIUS Irmo) that we will show and share God's love with the world around us as the body of...

Generosity – Pray May

Today we hear from Sonya Bryant (RADIUS) about how Give Hope is making a difference in the lives of kids in our school system. As we go through Pray May - let's all pray for opportunities to be generous to those around us. Pray for organizations like Give Hope who are...

Prayer & Fasting – Pray May

PRAY MAY | Join Barnabas Bwambale (RADIUS White Knoll) in prayer and fasting today. Fasting is an opportunity to us to surrender to God - shifting our focus from us to God. May we recognize that God uses weak people - like us - to do His purpose. Let us pray that we...

Churches – Pray May

Pray May | JP encourages us to pray through the whole month of May. Today join JP (RADIUS White Knoll) with this prayer in 1 Chronicles 4:10 - "Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!"" (NIV) Let's pray together...

Ux2 | Disciples – Pray May

2 Timothy 2:2 "You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others." (NLT) Today, as we pray with Francisco Reyes (RADIUS Saluda) for Ux2 or...

Grill & Worship – Pray May

PRAY MAY | What an amazing week we had as one church body worshiping and praising and praying together: such powerful moments of surrender and joy. May we go forward together continuing in daily prayer and fellowship with God and people around us. "Praise God, Praise...

Gather & Pray – Pray May

Hear a story from Jonathan Patton (RADIUS Centerville) of how he has seen God moving through prayer. Let us pray today that we will be transformed to hear what God is saying to us through prayer. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear the Lord speak....

Gx2 – Pray May

God created us to be in community with other believers - we aren't meant to walk in our faith alone. We can tell the truth about who we are to other believers and grow in Jesus Christ. Join Michelle Schirra from RADIUS Centerville as we pray that we would be...

$x2 – Pray May

Take a minute to hear how God is working through Mission Lexington as they provide for those in need. Today, take some time to pray for the people in our city who are in need, pray for organizations like Mission Lexington who are doing great work to meet those needs...

Praying & Fasting – Pray May

Join us at the Icehouse Amphitheater to pray together as one church body. We pray and fast to remind us of our dependence on God. Be praying today that we will come body and confidently before the Lord expecting Him to move, and praising Him for how He's working....

Cx2 Pray May

Today we're taking time to pray for leaders who are willing to go to the next location to plant a church. We pray for Cx2 because our hearts desire that the gospel will be spread and God's name glorified in our radius.

Ux2 Pray May

Our dream is that everyone at RADIUS will impact people around them. We think about what God's done in you - overflowing into someone else. Take some time to pray for three people in your life who you would love to see meet Jesus....