July 10-14

Student Camp


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED | Email Brent Squires if you have any questions.

We are excited for 2023 Student Camp!

Both will be a life changing experience that will not be forgotten!



When: Monday-Friday, July 10-14, 2023
Where: Camp Bob Cooper – Summerton, SC
Who: Current 6th-12th Graders (2022-2023 school year)
Student Cost: $375
Deposit: $50

Registration Opens: Sunday, April 16
Registration Closes: Sunday, June 18


What is Camp Bob Cooper?

Check out their websiteĀ hereĀ (https://campbobcooper.com/) to learn more about CampĀ Bob Cooper.

How much does it cost?
Student Cost: $375
Deposit: $50 (due at registration)
Final payment is due July 1.

RADIUS Students wants to ensure that any middle or high school studentĀ who wishes to attend summer camp, has the ability to do so. Students in need of financialĀ assistance should register for camp using the appropriate registration link, and indicate that aĀ scholarship is needed. Anyone wishing to contribute toward RADIUS Students campĀ scholarships to help students attend camp should contactĀ brent.squires@radiuschurch.org.

How will we travel to camp?

We will all meet up at RADIUS Church – Lexington on Monday, July 10th and load upĀ on charter buses that we will take to and from camp. We will also return to RADIUSĀ Lexington for pickup on Friday, July 14th.

Who will look out for my student?

Our goal is to provide one chaperone for about every eight students. Most of ourĀ chaperones are your studentsā€™ weekend small group leaders, but we also enjoy havingĀ parents and other adults there as well. If you are interested, we would love to talk moreĀ aboutĀ it with you. Chaperones are with students throughout the day during worship, meals,Ā smallĀ group time, activities, and lights out. And yes, every chaperone is background-checked andĀ trained prior to camp.

What about lodging?

Students will stay in dorm buildings with multiple rooms,Ā each with bunk beds andĀ gender-specific communal bathrooms, and multiple leaders.Ā And, of course boys and girlsĀ will be separated.

What does a day at camp look like?

Every day at camp includes worship, teaching, small groups, team games, meals, freeĀ time, activities, and more!

Can my child bring a phone?

Our desire is to be as distraction-free as possible. Cell phones, iPads, and otherĀ electronic devices are not permitted. What if I need to contact my student at camp? In theĀ event of emergencies, you will have a number to call that will be given to you closer toĀ departure.

Want to know more about RADIUS Students? Visit our students page.


Email Brent Squires – our student ministry lead!