Ready to draw your radius?

  1. Watch the video below to understand more about your home, your world, and your church.
  2. Draw YOUR radius! Personalize it for you or your family.  Home should reflect your family – maybe a basketball hoop, garden…whatever you like.Your world should include your workplace, school, extra curricular activities, gym, etc.For your church, add in where you serve and your groups.
  3. Send a close-up picture of your paper and a picture of you or your family to

What's in our name?

Our name comes from this basic premise: Every person has a sphere of influence, or what we would call your radius. As we go about our business, living life in our unique radius, are we going to look like Jesus in the process? Will we love God? Will we consider our neighbors more important than ourselves? Will we obey the truths of scripture? Are we going to be faithful to what God has called us to do in our radius?

So where does your radius begin? It begins in your home and includes those within your walls on a daily basis. Then, we take many laps a week in our world along with a trip or two to church for worship and biblical community.  Watch the video below to learn more!