As believers, we all need to be discipled and to make disciples.

We often talk about making disciples in these three ways:   

Your Family

The people we live with are our first neighbors.  We are responsible for the people in our radius and that includes our family.  Husbands and wives are to love each other and parents are to be the primary discipler of their children.

Your Neighbors

One of the best ways to disciple or to be discipled is to simply sit down with someone and have a conversation. Find someone who is producing fruit and ask them to speak truth into your life, and then look for someone who needs discipleship and speak truth into their life.

Your Church

In Groups, we prioritize space in our lives to know and be known by others as we pursue Christ together. Each week hundreds of men and women gather in a multitude of groups throughout our area to connect, discover God’s word, and apply what they are learning.

What does it look like to sit down across the table from someone?

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  • Need resources to help you read your Bible and to lead others to do the same?
  • Want someone to sit across the table with you?
  • Need a group to go through life with and to encourage you as you follow Jesus?