When you live generously and give through RADIUS Church, your dollars go directly to supporting the mission and vision of our church.

Please select one of our campuses below to make a contribution.
Thank you to those who continue to give faithfully to our general fund so that we can keep driving towards our mission! If you’d like to start giving, this is a great place to start!
    Throughout December, give to fund local generosity and help those in our communities who are in need.



      You can give by cash or check the giving box at campus during weekly services.


      Make a one-time or regular gift through Pushpay, our online giving portal, by selecting your campus below.

      BY MAIL

       You can mail a check to our offices: RADIUS Church, 300 W Main. St. Lexington, SC 29072. Please specify your campus on the memo line.


      There are processing fees our church pays with each method of giving. ACH is the preferred method of donation because it allows us to return the most to our communities in generosity.  

      Does RADIUS keep my credit card information?

      No. RADIUS does not see or keep any card or bank information.  

      Will I be charged a fee to give online?

      Every debit and credit card transaction comes with a processing fee that is passed along to the church. Whether you process your gift with a bank account (least expensive option) or credit card, RADIUS has always covered these fees and will continue to cover these fees as a way to offer this safe and convenient method of giving. However, we want you to be aware of all fees and have the option of devoting more of your donation to supporting the ministry if you would like.

      What is ACH?

      ACH is a payment option that is linked to your bank account. ACH is the preferred method of donation because it allows us to return the most to our communities in generosity.  ACH fees cost RADIUS Church 1.1% (BEST METHOD), or Credit Card 2.6% (MOST EXPENSIVE).

      There is an issue with my gift. Who do I contact?

      Either send an email to or leave a voicemail at 803.785.5254 and we will direct your message to our finance team.