Part of our mission has always been to plant churches. Biblically, accounts of the early Church are filled with stories of church-planting as the Apostles went from city to city proclaiming the name of Jesus and establishing new churches.


We take Matthew 28:19-20 (The Great Commission) very seriously. “Go therefore, and make disciples” is what it tells us. When we, as a body, are on mission to plant churches, our minds stay focused on reaching new areas with the Good News of Jesus Christ. For this reason, we want to send our best to go plant new churches. 


As we send our best, gaps become apparent in the leadership of both the new church plant and the senders. This is when we are able to discover our gifts, blossom into new roles, and lead in ways that we can’t at an established church. When we say “planting churches makes disciples,” we don’t just mean new disciples. Being a part of a church plant puts more pressure, responsibility, and weight on those of us who choose to leave an established campus to join a fragile one. That sort of stress actually disciples us as we discover what God might have us do for His Kingdom.


A developed leader is someone who develops other leaders, and as we plant churches we expect our leaders to disciple their replacements. In this way, church-planting becomes exponential as each new church plant reaches maturation and reproduces from its own members. Then this process repeats. And then again. And then again. This is our vision.

 If you are a church planter, you can’t plant a healthy church without praying.  The depth of RADIUS came from men and women praying.