The Bible teaches that a relationship with Jesus is the only way to eternal life (John 14:6).  If you have recently prayed to receive Christ or would like to have a conversation about your next steps to follow Jesus please reach out to us.



The Church has been baptizing believers for 2000 years as a way to publicly declare allegiance to Jesus. While public baptisms can seem overwhelming for some, it is the prescribed method for public declaration of our faith and can be viewed as a “sermon without words.” Public baptism is an act of obedience that symbolizes the faith a believer has placed in Jesus. 



New to RADIUS Church? Been around a while and ready to plug in? Whatever your status, come to Discovery! We’ll talk about our mission, values, and vision and how you can get connected! If you want more information on Discovery, let us know on a connect card, stop by the connect desk, or connect anytime at



Covenant Partnership is RADIUS’ version of membership. Since our beginning we have stayed away from using the term ‘member’ simply because it elicits the idea that when you become a member, you become a recipient of certain services. ‘Partner’ on the other hand, promotes the idea of joining together – in this case, joining together to make Jesus famous in our community and around the world.

Covenant Partnership extends that idea a bit further. A covenant partnership allows those who call RADIUS Church their home to ‘covenant’ together to persue the mission and vision of our church. The Old Testament idea of ‘bonding; or a binding agreement between two parties’ is helpful in deepening our understanding. In short, covenant partners at RADIUS Church have decided to come together to pursue Jesus and push forward the mission of RADIUS Church to make Jesus famous in our community. Likewise, the elders of RADIUS Church have agreed to take spiritual responsibility for those who have partnered with our body. Interested in partnership? Reach out via a connect card.



Serving has a variety of capacities, but all forms of true service bring glory to Jesus and grow our spiritual lives (1 Peter 4:10-11). Serving at RADIUS does not require that someone believe in order to belong. Instead it is our hope that serving at RADIUS would allow anyone willing to engage in our community to grow in their understanding of the Gospel and Gospel-community. Our volunteer teams do this in a variety of specific ways, but our goal is to invite our partners and guests into Gospel-community.

Serving together also forges community bonds. As we serve “should-to-shoulder” in community, we are refined and can grow in our spiritual walk. It is in the acts of service that we better refine and live out our personal and corporate missional elements of taking the Gospel to those in our RADIUS.


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