preparing and equipping you to do God’s work in your home, your world and your church.



During hard times, doomsday predictions surface about whether the end of the world is near. We’ll spend two weeks studying Mark 13 together as we see that living in light of the end, being alert and prayerful, is much more important than knowing when it will come.


Broken relationships, divided communities, racial injustice, war. Our world seems more fragmented than ever. As believers, how do we move forward?

Ephesians was written to believers in Ephesus during a similar time when the world felt heavy and dangerous. Still, this letter was written as an epic description of the fullness and the richness of life in Christ as we understand who WE ARE and what WE DO. 

If the Ephesians could grasp this. If WE, The Church, can grasp this- WE would overflow into our radius and the world could be transformed by The Gospel.


Our culture is saturated in sexuality. Gender alterations, pronoun preferences, and new sexual identifications flood headlines, mass media, and even day-to-day conversations. If we want to live with a biblical worldview, we must have conversations around what it means to be designed male and female. We’re excited to have these discussions with you as we go through our sermon series: he | she | HIS


The summer is gone, and we’re heading into a new school season this Fall. That means it’s time to get back to the basics, back to our schedules, back to our rhythms. Rhythm: what does that mean for us at RADIUS Church? In simple terms, we want to make a habit of loving God and loving our neighbors in our “radius”. In this sermon series, we’ll learn how each of us can do this as individuals. We want to focus on the “U”.  A healthy U which means being intentional about letting the Holy Spirit pour into U. When this happens, we inevitably overflow into – Your home. Your world. Your church.