We want kids to KNOW GOD’S STORY, MAKE FRIENDS, and HAVE FUN! We want RADIUS Kids to be a safe place that encourages fun, friendships, and discovering more about God in an age-appropriate way. Our awesome team of trained leaders works hard to ensure that your kids will love coming to church!

Kids will learn the Bible through creative, fun, and age appropriate teaching.

We want everyone to find a place to belong in small groups led by trained and consistent leaders.

We know that having fun over and over again with kids builds trust and deepens relationships!

First Time?

We can’t wait to meet you!  When you arrive, one of our friendly volunteers will show you to the RADIUS Kids check-in area.  Here, we will find out a little bit about your child and get your contact information.  

Your first stop when you arrive is the kids check in area. We want to serve you and your child well, so we’ll take some time to get to know you. We’ll ask about allergies, make sure we know what your child likes to be called, and collect your contact information.

Then, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during the gathering, you’ll see your kid’s code in the lower corner of the screen. This sticker is also what you’ll use to pick-up your child after the service.

Kids, birth to pre-K, will love their first RADIUS Kids experience! They will enjoy a safe place where they can play, sing and experience God’s love.  

Preschool aged kids will experience lively and engaging Bible teaching while learning what it means to make friends and be in community.

Older kids in K5 – 5th grade will stay active with fun games and activities that reinforce an interactive Bible study designed just for them.



There’s nothing like discipling a group of kids and watching as they begin to understand how much they are loved by God!


Here you’ll find book reviews, activities, and family fun to help as you disciple your kids!  You can also find this information on our resource app!

Family Discipleship Resources

Family Discipleship Resources

Babies (Ages 0-2) My First Hands On Bible The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers (One Big Story), Gospel Project The Big Picture Story Bible, David R. Helm Lift the Flap Bible   Sally Lloyd Jones Preschool (Ages 2-5) The Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally...

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Preschool Activity:  Abraham

Preschool Activity: Abraham

How many times have we been in situations where God was telling us to do something really hard and we knew we had to trust and obey him? That is what we are going to teach our preschoolers this month through the story of Abraham. We’ll tell the story of Abraham, and...

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Book Review: This is The Gospel

Book Review: This is The Gospel

By Amber Howells This is one of my favorite books for children that presents the story of God's love for us. It is so important for our children to truly understand the Gospel.  This Is the Gospel helps teach children (of all ages + adults) about God’s good...

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