Raising up healthy, multiplying church planters to grow healthy, multiplying churches across South Carolina

Join one of our cohorts to benefit from decades of experience, proven training, and tools for planting churches. Because we’ve planted churches, we understand your questions and know your need for community. We’ll connect you with the people you need to know to feel surrounded, supported, and strengthened as we take on the important job of taking the gospel to our communities.

2024- 2025 Cohort

The 2024-2025 Cohort is designed for those that are exploring a potential call to church planting. Through roundtable discussions, participants are introduced to basic church planting competencies and guided to deepen their self-awareness of these needed skills.

    2024-2025 Schedule

    • September | Starting Point & Catalytic Leadership
    • October | Prayer & Spiritual Health
    • November | Marriage & Family Health
    • December | Directional Clarity & Models of Planting
    • January | Knowing Your Community & 4 Stages of Planting
    • February | Multiplying Disciples & Creating Culture
    • March | Preaching Best Practices & Ministry Systems
    • April | Vision Framework & Launch Year Plan
    • May | Launch Year Plan Presentations

    Coaching Components

    • Monthly Instruction and Coaching
    • Collaborative Training with a Local Church
    • Practical Tools
    • Soul Care
    • Retreats
    • Spouse care

    Candidate Profile

    • Participants who are wanting to learn more about church or considering a call to church planting.
    • Participants who are connected to a local church and active in serving and ministry. Participants do not need to be active in full-time ministry to participate.
    • Participants wanting to grow in general ministry skills, leadership, and church planting competencies.

    Program Description

    • Participants participate in a monthly workshop (first Wednesday) on a specific competency related to church planting.
    • Participants receive coaching and mentoring from a coach who meets with them on a monthly basis.
    • Participants receive monthly assignments aimed at personal and ministry growth.

    Next Steps

    1. Start the process by applying at the link below. 
    2. Participants notified of acceptance into program.
    3. Foundational Cohort kicks off in September.

    About Us…

    In June of 2003, John and Cheryl Reeves—who had just recently planted churches in Clemson, SC and Atlanta, GA—felt a stirring to head to the greater Columbia area to plant a church. John Reeves quickly began recruiting, and soon six adults began praying, meeting, and preparing for God’s work in their area. That year, RADIUS Church and Oasis Church began as two separate bodies. But by the Fall of 2004, the two churches merged and began meeting in Midway Elementary School as RADIUS Church.

    20 years later, RADIUS Church continues to enjoy a great name in the communities that we serve. Across the Midlands of South Carolina, we continue to enjoy opportunities to exercise Gospel-centered influence in the towns and municipalities where our folks live and work. This is in large part due to the grace of God on our church, but also because the people that call RADIUS Church “home” live Gospel-focused lives oriented around discipleship and generosity. We reinforce our values through strong, biblical teaching on Sundays, deep community within our small groups and extravagant generosity both locally and around the world.

    Most people attend RADIUS Church because they see the people of RADIUS living out real life with a real faith. We don’t engage in much marketing or self-promotion. The people who call RADIUS Church “home” are our culture carriers and make an impact in their personal radiuses. Most importantly they strive to make the name of Jesus more famous than the name of RADIUS Church.

    We continue to press forward with our vision to plant more churches and grow more disciples for the kingdom of God. Our prayer is that Plant Carolina, a church planting cohort focused on planting churches across the Midlands of SC, will allow us to share what we’ve learned as well as our resources with those who hope to plant in our area.