This event was planned for the sole purpose of reaching young widows in the midlands who have lost their husbands and are in the throes of life, raising children in the home or helping navigate older children through their grief.  Our desire was for these young widows to be seen, loved and served. From a catered dinner, served on fine china, to the abundance of gifts that were either donated or purchased, these women felt loved and seen in their pain. Because of the safe atmosphere, they were open to sharing their stories of pain and loss and true community began to form among them. Several women even brought their children who were also loved on and cared for through the provided on-site childcare.  They took home meaningful gift bags reminding them that they are not forgotten.  We believe this event was a true success where new community was birthed and we anticipate continued outreach in this area as we minister to young women who lose their husbands.

One table host shared this story: “One young lady had texted me beforehand that she decided to back out of the event but through our texting, she felt led to come and was so glad she did”.  

Another table host wrote this:  “This event was amazing! So well planned and executed. Thank you again for all that this event symbolized. I know that my table group really connected and were hungry to meet again, they seemed desperate for community. I know for me after being a widow for nearly 7 years this was the first time I had ever sat in a room where there was deep understanding of what I have been through. That was the best part. To be known. and seen.”

Other attendees responded with this: “I wasn’t able to express how wonderful this event was. I felt loved and special! It was such a blessing to be surrounded by others who truly understand. Thank you so much!”

“This event was over the top excellent! I felt seen! Thank you for the vision to see this need.”

“I just wanted to say that I felt very honored to be at the event and that everyone did an amazing job.”

“Great event! It was amazing how much I didn’t realize I needed.”