We baptized two students recently at RADIUS Saluda.

Malachi Woolsey went to Winter Jam. He has believed in Jesus for a while but that night, he heard Skillet (a band at Winter Jam) talk about truth. He said that only real Truth comes from Christ. It really hit him and went home and talked to his dad about following Jesus. He made a decision that night that he wanted to follow Christ. His father Kevin participated in the baptism.

Kenmane Brunson is one of my football players. I coached him in middle school football for two years. I use to take him home after practice everyday. He was a great kid that gave everything he had. I was burdened that I needed to get some players from the field to the chairs. I invited him, which led to him inviting a friend that invited a friend. I started to pick up all three every Sunday and they have been coming for a while now.  Luke and I invited them to the student retreat. Kenmane believed in Jesus but had never made the decision to follow Him. At the retreat he decided to follow Jesus and wanted to be baptized.  
As we keep striving to make disciples, never underestimate the impact God can have through you in your radius. In your home or in your world – Let’s go make disciples!