IF:Gathering is an annual two-day event, designed to bring together women from all over the world who believe God at His Word and desire to spend their lives well for His glory.  Women are reminded each year that because God is indeed who He says He is we in turn have a job to do on Earth: tell others about Him. In 2022, speakers included Jennie Allen, Sadie Robertson Huff, Jada Harris, Jackie Hill Perry, Matt Chandler, Christine Cain, Dr. Anita Philips, Ann Voskamp, and more.

Over 100 ladies gathered at RADIUS Lexington to learn how God makes us resilient as we focused on 1 Peter.  There were women present from all six RADIUS campuses, including a group from Saluda who stayed in a nearby hotel.  The teaching was amazing and many women reported wanting more time to discuss the things they were learning.  In future years, we plan to shift the schedule to allow for even more sharing and connection.  A theme from the weekend was our need to be in healthy biblical communities.  This need seemed to resonate with the ladies who filled out our survey.  Now that we are months away from this event, we hope that women still feel the same boldness that they felt during the weekend, that their trust in the Lord has grown, and that they feel equipped and ready to make disciples.